Babies & Children


What's not to love, right? Those precious little moments, these little feet and hands, the first time they sit or stand up. First birthdays etc. 


Every KRP session begins with a consultation to discuss your style, preferences, or color schemes, which allows me to customize the session to your specific likes and plan out the set for your little one's portraits. My goal is to create beautiful portraits of your little one that you can proudly display in your home.


What should we bring?

KRP will provide the props,   


It is very important that your day is planned around our session. Make sure that we schedule your session so it does not interfere with nap time. Kids do best when they are well-rested and when they are not hungry.

Please do not bring any extra company to the studio. Plan to arrive 5 mins early to have your child acclimate to the surroundings.

* Arrive dressed and ready to shoot!

Be mindful that we have other clients and need to stick to our schedule to accommodate everyone.


  1. If you selected 4 poses only one outfit change.

  2. If you selected 8 poses you can have up to 2 outfit changes, additional 2 outfit is $15

Thank you.