FAQ about our policy


Did you know? After your session, there are 2-3 hours of editing attached to it,  preparation before, during and after the shoot.  

Are deposits refundable?


Deposits are nonrefundable there are NO exceptions to this policy, these deposits are transferrable. If you need to change your appointment date, please give at least 48 hours' notice or you will have to pay a deposit again for your rescheduled session.

You should contact Karen ASAP via phone or email.


We will set up another date and/or time to have the session. Due to an increase in clients, you MAY not be able to reschedule for right away, please understand this. All deposits will be applied to the package you select. 


The remaining balance is due 24 hrs prior to your session. Please note: The balance must be paid in full prior to your due date or it will be forfeited. No service is provided without full payment. Your balance can be paid with Paypal, Cash-app or with Zelle no cash accepted. Thank you.

What if I'm late?

It's very important to arrive on time, after 15 minutes late, a $25 charge will apply to your session before images are released. If your more than  20 minutes late your appointment will be canceled, and all deposit will be forfeited  (not- refunded). no exceptions. Be mindful that we have other clients and need to stick to our schedule to accommodate everyone. In the south, fl traffic is always heavy. Please leave early to avoid a $25 late charge. No exception.

How long till I can see my completed images?

After your session, KRP will display a few images from your session via IG. These may take up to 72 hours depending on the times the session was, 2-3 days before images are via email to you. This can change due to an increase in clients.


KRP will NEVER release images that aren't edited and only the best ones. Karen Roberts Photography owns the rights to the photos even when you may have the print release. 


We appreciate you and your business.  

Karen Roberts

Karen Roberts Photography